I’ve been thinking of starting one for a while now but just didnt get around to doing so. What started it today was the weather i guess and the pensive melancholy it brought to me of sunny, breezy afternoons as a child. But I’ll talk about that in my next post. I guess now is a good time for a much needed introduction-

My name is Josephine Antoinette Vanspall, and although I had never been fond of it as a child, I’m quite proud of it’s English and French mix, currently at the age of 21. The name had already its Anglo-Indian roots but the little French was given to me by my Phillippino mother.  “Jo” is what everyone calls me, since my schooling in Chennai and even now as I’m about to exit my final year of B.Arch, SAP.

Final Year of college! I’m at one of those mighty cross-roads and although a few months ago i thought I had everything planned out for the next few years; circumstance, had once again blown those notions sky-high. The following posts will most likely be my attempt at sorting out those circumstances, those responsibilities, those relationships, those considerations, those WANTS & NEEDS and then some in between.