Chirstmas this year has passed and what a fun one it was. Again i find my subconscious pressured by the need to start my Thesis research and by the want to spend time with my loving family and adorable (but sometimes a handful) little cousins. Christmas eve saw a wonderful evening service at church and a fun filled countdown and preparation for santa! 

Up on the terrace my brother and I danced around with bells. Ringing them as loud as we could, to make sure that the little ones would hear Santa’s arrival! He ate the reindeer food, I drew their hoove prints! A few finishing touches on the sleigh marks and we created a pretty convincing santa landing on our terrace, thumping around as we jingled those bells! Ho Ho Ho!

Next were the presents and the cookies & milk, sprinkled a little “star-dust” and Santa had appeared! And it was all done by 3 a.m.

The look on kids faces when something they beileve in come true is priceless! I giggled with sheer joy the previous night. After such a long time, i felt the mischeivous child inside me run free on that terrace! Laughing madly!