I did it again. When pure uncertainty takes over there’s a buzzing in my head. i dont know now if i say these things in my own defense. But i honestly dont remember a thing of that moment. 

Yes, something did tell me not to do it. Something told me to remember the past. And when i did there was a multitude of feelings gushing into me. 

The thought that won-

It couldnt hurt, could it?

It’s all harmless fun. Im just making friends. When im bored ill stop. It’s not like i’ll ever see this person anyway. I can cut ties when it becomes a bother.

My liking for random moments took over. and i rushed ahead and did it. 

Oh God! What have i done?

It was a sign i guess. A sign to stop . I thought i could control this. That was probably the second error. It’s like this was a test, and when the final question needed to be answered my lazy conscience finally decided to kick in.

I told the truth after deception.