Just recently i decided to take up blogging again, and it turns out I had no clue what i was doing previously. I went back to the basics and read the guide and am now actively stalking my reader for events and challenges. Blogging is much fun >_<.

This is a post for the Weekly photo challenge: Threes. It was a wedding procession that passed by my house a few years ago. I had miraculously managed to grab my camera and shove away my shyness to get some decent shot from my balcony. As with most Indian weddings, this one was accompanied by the whole gala of dancing decked out guests baring their armor of joy against the morning sun of our blessed land. It will never cease to amuse me. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to see a dancing horse at another procession. But unfortunately it was too dark for my camera to get any good shots.

As I was looking for the chance to post this and pondering over the title of the post, ,the daily challenge saved me! I’ll warn you now that all the images are post processed and the first panorama is a stitched image of four shots.