So I wanted to do a tutorial of sorts but I didn’t really document the process while I made this…soo……..yeah. I’ll try explaining anyway.

I really really wanted to have golden laurels for my wedding and I went through so many sites looking for ready-made ones but either I wasnt happy with it or it was over my budget or it would take too long to deliver to take a chance on. So I decided to make my own. 


I started by drying out leaves from a Ficus tree in our home. I really wanted the crown to look as natural as possible so fake leaves were out of the question. I choose leaves of different sizes so I could really play around with the arrangement. I simply pressed the leaves with an iron between folds of paper (any paper will do). Make sure the iron isn’t too hot or they’ll end up catching fire!


Once all the leaves are dried out I coated them with calligraphy ink. You can also use acrylic paints, just make sure to add a bit of clear dry glue (like Fevicol, or if you’re a bit fancier-ModPodge). I was particular on the color so I went with the ink: it also looked a lot richer than the acrylic paint. I used a dull copper Sharpie marked on some leaves to add depth so it looked more natural. Your coats don’t have to be perfect; I found that the leaves showing through still looked quite pretty.


Once you have all your leaves painted you’ll need to glue them to stems. I used copper wire cut in short lengths of about 10-15 cms, giving me enough room to wind them around each other. I stuck the leaves on with a glue gun; just a bit onto the base of the leaf works fine.

Thinking back I should have glued the leaves on first and then painted them. The paint acted like a coat between the leaf and glue making them easy to pop off easily.


After the components are done all that’s left is to wind the leaves together to make two branches for either side of the laurel. Start with the smallest leaves at the tip and end with the larger leaves at the base.

I also added in some glass beads as relief. A little sparkle never hurt nobody.


Once you have two equal branches attach them onto a wire headband with copper wire or twine. You need to be careful while centering the branches so they look balanced.Make sure the headband you use is sturdy so it grips onto your head and doesn’t slide too much!

I simply loved the way this turned out. It was everything and more than what I was hoping for. It looked like if grew out of the forest itself; and it was a nickel in the bucket.

I’ll put up the pictures from the wedding here soon, so check it out!

PHOTO CREDITS- Genevieve Vanspall Photography