I needed to get some spaces. To get away from it all. I wanted to go away on my own. Anywhere would be fine…as long as it was away from home.

I think everyone has that feeling. the feeling of wanting to be free. Of having absolutely no ties. Of being king of oneself.

What did it mean?

Certainly not that we hated our family. no . It’s just human wanting to be free. Atleast for a given amount of time.

The freedom i desired was not rebellion. I just began to feel a bit suffocated at home, a bit pressured by the wants, the responsibilities. I had to constantly make trades between things that i wanted and things i was expected to do,  had to carry the guilt i felt in my consciousness for having given up something. And yeah, who am i to complain? That’s life.

But i think at some time, everyone needs a break , to let it all out. To float in the short lived pleasure of being and doing nothing but what you are.

This, our internship, came at the moment i needed it most. And i took that chance! And left to Bangalore where i would spend the next 6 months. Living and working by myself. Learning thing, experiencing things i had never known but always wanted to do!

This is my story of freedom.