The entire office (minus myself) on our last day together!

I was early. The only intern there at that time. 15 days till the others arrived and i was stuck with myself in the middle of the outskirts of Bangalore-HSR layout. In an office with two complexities as my bosses-two polar opposites and 7 draftsmen. Yep i was in mini kerela.

But i wasnt going to let, being alone and not having anyone to talk to, eating lunch alone at the near-by FrenchLoaf , or having my boss holler at me for doing things wrong, get me down. I was here. I was out. i was away. I was alone.

I learned that i quite liked alone. The PG that i stayed at and shared the room with two others was very convenient. My room-mate was on a night shift and the other hardly ever bothered with me, save for our meals together.

Office kept me busy for the most part. I was exactly the most prepared person in the world. But i was learning.

Lunch at FrenchLoaf had to be my happiest times for the first few weeks playing the lonely intern. I liked sitting there alone, looking out those green framed windows. I was comforting, it was exciting in it’s way, being able to immerse myself in my thoughts. And what funny thoughts i had, being that character in the movie that was to provoke the interest of the viewer- Was i waiting? was i alone? was i happy? was i sad? I had my own fun being pensive.

Up the stairs to our abode! The intern office on the first floor!

15 days later i was joined by my fellow interns. We were to spend the next  5 months in company of eachother. And while i did long for my days alone, I wasnt not happy for the company of running to the single near-by mart for afternoon snacks. And i certainly was very happy for the company when work had us at the office past 9 p.m.

Oh how i dreaded those roads at that time. They were dark, they were lonely and it was a 3km walk back to my PG. I hated going back late cause of that. but that’s part of the parcel i guess.

My most memorable time in office was the time i was given the keys and asked to come in on a sunday to try out some painting. I had the entire office to myself that day! It felt like i owned it!

The supermarket on my way back to my PG was another place i loved going to after work on Saturday afternoons. It gave me so much happiness to shop for myself!

HSR Layout wasnt the worst of places i could have ended up in. it was plain and scarcely built but it was well connected. From my PG i’d cross the road and get on any one of the many buses heading straight for the city! My Saturdays and Sundays were spent there. Roaming the streets with absolutely no goal in mind. I did it, simply because i could!

Waiting on the stairs while the office was being cleaned-one of the two most looked-forward to times of the day; the other being the tea break (btw, that was my first time drinking black tea)