Sunny days
View from the terrace of my PG.

I’d often just sit there alone on sunny afternoons after having washed and hung out my laundry. That was my first time ever doing laundry by hand and it was one hell of a job. But i enjoyed it! Why? simply because it was my first time. Because it gave me a sense of accomplishment, a sense of fulfillment to see my clothes hung out and dried, a sense of independence really.

I remember the first time i tried; I had mum on the phone dictating the procedure of: soak once, scrub, ring, rinse, rinse, rinse till you cant smell the soap anymore! I did have my own times learning-deciding that it was much easier using soap powder that the blue soap bar that was not only hard to dilute but also stained my clothes blue. The time i made the most basic of mistakes by putting in my white with my black shawl, which gave me a lovely tie dye look.

Yes, it was eventful it was fun! Rushing up after my Saturday work, mid-afternoon, to book my place in line to use the single tap to be shared by the 21 girls in the hostel, praying that it would’nt rain that day so i could be done by evening and be free the entirety of Sunday to visit my beloved city!

Maheshwari P.G Old Post office road, Bommanahalli right opposite the StateBank, that’s where i stayed for the 6 months i was there. It was quite the local place to be. Dotted with P.G’s, hostels, vegetable vendors, utility shops, hardware shops and the ever famous tea shops! Yes, this was India-it was the hindi-version of my very own Chennai! Small scale, packed with pedestrian and two-wheeler traffic, always busy and thriving!

The tea shop right opposite the PG was where my roommate and I would go to buy tea and eat pani-puri, the biryani shop next to it sold the best biryani on Saturday evenings when dinner was not provided at the PG. It was a livable place despite the stares I got from passers-by every morning while walking down the road. Although, I will admit the piles of garbage around every corner was something i could have done without.