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Well it’s been about 2 months since possibly the biggest happy event of my life passed (since being born that is) and I’ve finally found it in me to sit down and write about it. For those of you who don’t know me, let me tell you a bit about myself before we move forward; to set the stage for your imagination ;P.

I’m a Christian, and a believer, of Anglo-Indian descent. My husband is a home-grown Tamil boy, a believer (I couldn’t leave ya if I tried!). We fell in love in the summer (que BGM) of 2009 and seven years later we’re hitched!  (believe me it wasn’t easy).


Ideas and planning started almost 9 months in advance. We really wanted the wedding to be something very personal to us and went to great lengths to see it done within our budget. It was a family affair: my sister designed our invitations, my aunt made the piece cake, I made the wedding favors, our friends and family helped with the floral arrangements and bouquets and all the men put their muscles to work polishing up the wooden crates and arch for our backdrop! Everyone pitched in to make it happen and it was beautiful!

A lot of the decoration was sourced from what we had available. All the green leaves were from a tree in my family home (I used the same leaves to make my headpiece and buttonniers for the guys and painted some of the branches to add to my bouquet), my little cousins hand-picked the pine cones from their neighbours yards in Canada, my fiance sourced the wood blocks from a log he found and got the crates from the vegetable market, the earthen pots were old ones we found lying around at home (my mother is an avid gardener) and I made the paper lanterns and garlands from paper remaining from my days as a student (we always bulked up on tracing paper >_O).

FEBRUARY 18 2016


The morning was a bustle getting out of the house and to the venue, checking and re-checking things that needed to be sent ahead, grabbing morsels to eat along the way. The nerves? I didn’t really have time to consider them!

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All my girls got to choose the fabric and pattern that suited them best.


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The room was crazy, with everyone trying to get their makeup right and shuffling about to help each other. We had a trial run a week earlier where I did half-face for all the girls and explained what goes where, but this was the first time they had to do it on their own!  My sister and friend had arranged for blue satin robes for all the girls (got them made at about 150 INR a piece from a roadside tailor >_<!) and I wore a silver one my aunt had gifted me; it made everything so perfect!

The girls did pretty well considering they were handling both their hair and make-up. We were armed with several drugstore palettes a curling wand and two flat-irons. With a few mishaps and one allergic reaction (my eye had turned red from a product just before the ceremony; nothing a bit of eye-drops couldn’t fix), we were set to go!


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The boy’s room saw it’s fair share of misplaced action; from scorching the bed sheets while trying to iron a shirt, to mixing up their pants. The difference? They had the drinks.

Swetha, our guest photographer, did such a wonderful job with the photos of the boy’s room despite this being her first wedding shoot! I wish we could’ve cloned her to cover both rooms >_<!



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All the men at their best! Look at the pretty Chinese lanterns my sister sourced from the Mumbai market!

It was quite a rush. My sister had a friend of hers assist with photography while she took most of the pictures (hence the lack of her in any of them *sweatdrops*). The Chennai sun was out in all its glory and setting didn’t make it any less intense.


5:30 pm

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With the setting sun as our backdrop the bridal party entered to the swinging tunes of Natalie Cole’s – This will be (An Everlasting Love). My sister had suggested dancing in to the upbeat number a few days before the big day: I said, “Why not? “.

Walking down that aisle was perhaps the happiest moment of my life.







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The end of our day was marked by dinner with our guests. Wine, cake and good toasts by some of our dearest friends and family started us off on what was a cozy (and tiring) evening.


The effort of planning would’ve gone in vain if not for our friends and family. My dear sister dropped in from Mumbai just in the nick of time. She was my right hand and remaining sanity. Our friends, Ketza and Joseph, who came all the way from Australia, saved us from last-minute disasters with almost all our decorations and florals. Ambika Agarwal (of the A-cube Project) gave me advice on the lighting and arranged for the white folding chairs and easels for all our hand painted signs!

My utmost appreciation to the team at the Park POD for all their efforts in making our entire correspondence with them pleasant and catering.

We were truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people who made our special day that much more so!

P.S: My sister shot the entire wedding alongside her friend Swetha. If you thought these photos were great, you must check out her work Here <3